What Is Considered Plus Size in Wedding Dresses?

What Wedding Dress Styles Look Best on Plus Size?
February 3, 2020

What Is Considered Plus Size in Wedding Dresses?

All wedding dresses come in bigger sizes but only a few designers specifically design for Plus Size. And believe me there is a big difference. Plus size isn’t just about having curves it’s about many other factors like you might be really tall etc.

Plus size wedding dresses by many designers are considered to be from size 16 and above. In most cases, those who cater to curvier brides have ranges that go up to size 32 and even size 48. While these designers may have these sizes, the dress boutique you choose may only stock designs up to size 16/18 (in real sizes 14/16) with their main sample sizes varying from 8 to 12. Before setting your sights on your favorite bridal boutique, it’s essential that you first do some research in order to see if they can assist you in your wedding needs.

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