Plus Size Wedding Dresses

We cater for brides of all sizes and have a beautiful range of wedding dresses for plus size brides. Our Curvaceous Wedding Gown Collection features a range of styles to flatter and compliment your figure. We love assisting brides find the wedding dress of their dreams.

Many women dream of their special day – what their Husband/Wife will be like, where the wedding will be located, and most importantly, how they will feel in their wedding dress. Choosing your wedding dress is a truly magical experience that will have you feeling the most amazing you have ever felt, whatever your body size or shape.

However, if you’re worried about finding the perfect plus size wedding dress, you may have some questions. In this article, our expert wedding dress advisors will look at key questions surrounding discovering your dress, which size is best for plus size women, and tips for finding your ideal shape. So, if you’ve found yourself scrolling through Instagram and wedding blogs for answers, keep on reading!

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All wedding dresses come in bigger sizes but only a few designers specifically design for Plus Size. And believe me there is a big difference. Plus size isn’t just about having curves it’s about many other factors like you might be really tall etc.

Plus size wedding dresses by many designers are considered to be from size 16 and above. In most cases, those who cater to curvier brides have ranges that go up to size 32 and even size 48. While these designers may have these sizes, the dress boutique you choose may only stock designs up to size 16/18 (in real sizes 14/16) with their main sample sizes varying from 8 to 12. Before setting your sights on your favorite bridal boutique, it’s essential that you first do some research in order to see if they can assist you in your wedding needs.

An important question to ask yourself and your wedding dress consultant is which dress style best flatters your shape. Of course, on your wedding day, you want to look your very best while feeling your amazing self. Wearing a dress that isn’t comfortable or makes you feel self-conscious can drastically limit this.

Before looking at which style complements your body the most, you should start by getting an understanding of which body shape you have. Based on your shape, you will then be able to find a dress that fits you in the right places and flows where you need it to. The fit of your dress will vary with each individual style and shape, so it’s highly recommended that you talk this through with your bridal consultant.

Once you know whether you’re an hourglass, pear, apple, or oval, the fun of choosing your dress can begin! For curvier women, we recommend looking at the following styles to help accentuate your beautiful body:

  • A-Line
  • Drop waist
  • Ballgown
  • Mermaid
  • Fit and Flare
  • Straight

You may also opt for a dress that either has a high neckline, sweetheart neckline, or strapless etc., or a dress with straps or sleeves. These can work wonders in bringing the attention to parts of your body that you’d rather highlight while hiding the parts you want to hide!!

Whether you’re about to embark on your first appointment to try on wedding dresses or you’re a seasoned regular! It’s undeniable that the process can become very time consuming and overwhelming. The truth is, you may have to try on quite a few dresses and visit a number of stores before you find “the one”. To help you narrow down your search, try following our top tips.

Find the Right Fit

This rule applies for all brides – plus size or not. Finding the right style and shape of dress that moulds to your body and hugs you in the right places is crucial. The goal is to feel comfortable on your special day, not restricted. For this reason, we always recommend that brides order their dresses in their actual size and not a smaller one.

Work with Your Curves

The best part of being a curvier woman is actually having curves to show off. Let your new Husband/Wife and guests see your fabulous shape by choosing the right dress that fits and supports you in the right places.

Focus on What’s Underneath

Talk to your wedding dress consultant about what underwear is best. A good structured wedding dress has all the support and control already built into the dress. That means more often than not. No Bra and No suck me in knickers!!! (Horrible things)!!

Work with Your Budget

Wedding Dresses are expensive, there’s no doubt about it! What you need to remember is a lot of work goes into making a wedding dress. Did you know all the beading is hand done? Rule of thumb is the more lace and beading there is, the more expensive the dress is. Unfortunately, also with some designers, their prices increase as the dress size does. To ensure you stay within budget, try doing your research before trying on your dream dress.

Time Allowance.

Allow enough time to find and to have a dress ordered and made. Bridal Boutiques do not hold stock. If you want to be able to have a full range of dresses to choose from you must have time. 6 – 12 months. All dresses are made to order even the bridal designer doesn’t hold stock. It takes on average 6 months to make a dress.

Entrust yourself with a professional bridal boutique, let us work with you to find the shape and style that falters your body the best. We can give you that amazing and stress free experience of finding your perfect wedding dress.

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